Sunday, September 12, 2010


Remember the chair that I asked the hubs to pick up that I bought off craigslist.  Well here she is isn't she pretty.  Well kind of.... I love her bones she is very sturdy and her finish was awesome.  That means no painting just sprucing up a little.  Her seat was horrible though it really didn't fit and if you sat on her no cushion.  I could tell she was really old because her seat was full of horse hair and this weird straw stuff so I just pushed it up there added more foam and stuffing.

Found some neutral fabric in my stash (I think it is a dinner napkin) and poof.... picture perfect!!!!

Not that I don't like her the way she is but I've been wanting to try a slipcover so after making several calls to my mom and wrestling with my machine I started one.  I wanted to try knife pleats so I thought why not.  
Mom told me to measure and pin sooo I grabbed a piece of cardboard and pins and went to town (I need to go buy a seamstress tape but cardboard worked just fine).  I also ironed as I went I just think its easier  it keeps everything in place.  I think this chair took me a total of two hours with fixing her seat to making her dress.  I defiantly think it was worth it she's GORGEOUS!!!


  1. Yes she is!! I love the pleats on the seat. And only two hours, wow you work fast. Just going through my fabric stash to find that piece of fabric I 'knew' I had, takes me an hour :-)
    Great job.

  2. Wow! You did a great job with that! I love the little pleats. The slipcover looks like it just belongs on that chair~which is gorgeous!

  3. Yes and she is wonderful! I also love the pleats, you did a fablous job. Wish I lived closer I would soooo come check her out. Hum....maybe we could take a detour on the way to see relatives in the great state of Oklahoma!

    Elizabeth Ann

  4. The slipcover makes that chair!!! So cute!

  5. You just gave me a new idea for the chair that's in my garage. I never thought of a slipcover look, but that it gorgeous. BTW, my chair had that straw stuff in it too. Weird what they used to use in making furniture.