Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Full Of Christmas!

I had an extremely busy weekend.   I went home to help my mom paint my grandmother's house.  My granny passed away last year and her house has been closed up.  Recently my sister had to make some life changes which has led her back home.  Since Granny's house was empty and needed someone to love and care for it this was the perfect solution.  Hence all the painting... it's a cute little farm home but needs to be updated really bad.  We have started with the kitchen I'll try to show you the little changes that we'll be making I forgot my camera so no pics yet.
When I got home Saturday evening i decided to go to my favorite store TJMaxx and find a wreath for my front door.  I love the basket that I had last year.  But needed something not quite so big.  I'll show you tomorrow what I found.

Although I went there for fall decor.  I was in a wonderland with all the cute Christmas decor that they have started putting out.   I'm in love .... I love the nostalgic Christmas decorations it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.  They had so many cute houses that light up, lots of  Santas and mercury glass ornaments.  I wanted one of everything. 

I did get this!! Couldn't help myself.

This tree was done in cream and white.. pretty!

Lots of Santas done in golds and whites and cream.

I know it's too early to be looking and dreaming about Christmas.  Just can't help myself.  Looking at these Christmas goodies makes me happy.  What's a girl to do?


  1. I am hoping this actually posts through- I have been having a hard time posting on some blogs. Anyway, that is really great that your Gramma's house may work out for your sister. I'll bet that would have made your Gramma happy that someone in the family is going to love the house. Cute things in that shop. I love those little sugar coated houses! xo Diana

  2. Love your Fall entry..cute pumpkins too. Not too early to be thinking ahead, I am too!

  3. Sounds as though it was meant to be for your sister! And, I spied those same Christmas goodies at TJMaxx on Friday! Thanks so much for your kind words about my Fall dining room!