Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crazy Crazy

Ya ya I say it all the time... but it's true life has been to say the least a little crazy.  Some ups and some downs but isn't that the way life is suppose to be.  To boot I'm so behind on blogging, making things for the shop and getting things done around here.  Well I woke up this morning and decided that the only way I can get things done is to get busy.  So I've got the house almost clean today thinking about what project I need to get started better late than never blogging is an easy chore to do.   I took some of these photos around fall time hence the little pumpkin in the shots.. but I thought you might looking at some of the goodies I completed around that time.

See I told you it was a while ago hence the trick or treat pillows!!  All painted with chalk paint.  My favorite is probably the little bench with nest on it.  It's made out of that fiber board stuff and was really wobbly. The hubs helped me make it more sturdy they I painted it out and stenciled nest on drop cloth.

See I have been busy.  Making lots of different things but still loving the white.  I promise I'll try to be a better blogger and hopefully won't have the same excuses in a couple of months!


  1. Older pieces you've done...or newer ones...I love them all. You do a wonderful job. xo Diana

  2. I love all of your pillows. They are wonderful!

  3. You've been busy! Love the way you mixed the burlap and dropcloth fabrics with the stencils. So cute!