Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vintage Christmas

Busy time around here at Okie Chic we've been doing shows, decorating for showers, planning parties and put in a holiday booth in Claremore.  Whew....thank goodness I have alot of help with my sisters and friends.  Here's a little bit of the Christmas booth.  We went with vintage nostalgic.

Lots and lots of handmade ornaments by sista Lisa Jo.  I want them all!!!  We purchased this champagne colored tree and it just made them pop.  I added little banners here and there it was a hit.

Sweet little slip covered bench that I made.  I have carried this thing around to several shows and it hasn't sold yet, I think its meant to be mine. 

A close up of the ornaments.  This are really big I think around 5x7 size.  Isn't it cute?  She adds tons of vintage pieces to them old buttons, seam binding and lace.  Love!!

Another sweet ornament lots of vintage tinsel and military flowers.  I bought a lot of old tinsel this summer at a garage sale from a little old lady.  She asked me if 50cents was too much for four rolls of it.  So of course I gave her a little more and a hug.  Love days like that.


  1. I love your take on vintage. It is just beautiful! xo Diana

  2. Nice interior. Chair are made with MDF Boards.It looks strong.