Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wedding Wedding and more Wedding

Well hope you'll don't care lookin at more wedding photos but here I go again. The wedding took a year and half to plan.  We did it all.. hands on everything from the handkerchief save the dates , invites and cake stand we put our mark on it all. 

Emily wanted her dress to have a vintage feel to it.  Because Daniel's favorite color is purple and his nickname is Purple Hayes she chose purple shoes.

She had these cuff links made (thanks to etsy) for her dad one had a photo of him and her the day she was born and the other was one of him and her the day she got engaged.  He couldn't help but tear up she is Daddy's Little Girl.

I gave her a vintage handkerchief from her late great Grandma Dorie (she loved her so much) on the handkerchief I pinned broaches from past generations of brides from our family.  We pinned it to her petticoat for her something old and blue.

Emily wanted a bouquet that was a little different.  I think she achieved it her bouquet was beautiful.

Yes you counted right there were 20 in the wedding party not including the ring bearer and two flower girls.  Now you understand when I tell you I can't afford hardwood floors yet!! lol


Love the view!!!

Well there you go... sorry it was such a long post.  I just wanted you all to get an idea of what a beautiful day it was.  It was hard work but well worth it.


  1. So NICE!!!! Love the pics! You guys did an AMAZING job!


  2. I am so glad there was more to see! All the details are so wonderful, beautiful photos and the purple shoes...priceless!!

  3. Looks like it was an amazing wedding!

  4. Wow. I am speechless. I stumbled on your blog and your post is just lovely.

  5. Everything is gorgeous, I especially love her bouquet! I'm an Okie girl and wondering where they had the wedding? It looks stunning!

  6. stunning! just discovered your blog from the DIY showoff, I'm you newest follower and I can't wait to read more of your blog, you have such talent lady!

  7. What a gorgeous wedding!! We have a cake topper and they are only having a cake top so to speak as we are serving desserts instead. I'd been thinking that we are going to tier wood slab, just two of them and then the cake top, on top. That cake you had there was INCREDIBLE! How did you do those arms that held up the next tier?! I know one piece of wood is splitting but it won't matter how we are using them, but what does matter, is that the first ones we cut started to mold!!! UHG! Didn't see that coming. So, I've sprayed them with clorox and we have them stacked to dry out in the sun, then I'll sand them and we should be ok. Storing them stacked in the damp weather was the mistake. Thanks so much for the link!