Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Little Something

This weekend was busy... went to Norman to see my baby in Rent!!  He did  awesome, it was hard to believe that they were college students.  The production was so professional from the acting to the set.  
Even though I loved every minute I had to get home early to finish up alot of my projects that I have to complete for Girls Rock.  I have tons to do, it's a little overwhelming.  Good thing I work great under pressure!!
I picked up this little jar lamp at a thrift store this weekend.  I thought it would be great for the store.  It didn't have a shade so I found a crummy but cheap one there.  I knew with a little fabric that it could be fabulous.

So I grabbed some muslin and spray glue.  I always put spray glue on the fabric before I tuck it under and glue.  I think it's just easier because the fabric won't move around.

Then I started tucking and gluing.  I also use a bamboo skewer when I glue.  I never have enough hands plus I hate to get burned by the glue gun so this handy tool helps with that.

I thought it looked a little plain so I added some burlap trim grabbed my stencils and paint and went to town.  I love things with numbers so I decided to put my favorite number 5 on it.  It was easy peasy.

I think it turned out soo cute, I love it.  I hope someone else does too..
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  1. Really cute! Nice job. I use dowels when gluing too. I have short ones and extra long ones. Sometimes I tuck one under my chin to use it to hold something in place until the glue grabs. yeah...picture THAT- lol hugs- Diana

  2. I love that shade. What a great great job!

  3. I think it is super cute - the number 5 is a perfect addition.


  4. Love it! Seems like number 5 is everybody's favorite.