Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time Out Can Be Fun?

Many of you all know that I'm a recent empty nester.  My children are all young adults in college or married sometimes it's a little sad.  I miss the sleepovers, ballgames, school activities even if it was a little chaotic at times it was well worth it.

With that said I thought I would show you a little project that I finished that has to do with youngsters.  I saw a couple of these stools at the thrift store the other day,  it's one of those army green camp stools.  As I carried them up to the register the hubs said okay now what???

Ya a timeout chair that's what!!!  These stools are the perfect size to sit those little rascals on when they're being naughty.  Super easy I just dry brush watered down white paint, grabbed some drop cloth fabric stenciled timeout and a clock on it and ...bam done.  I did sew a straight seam on the sides I didn't want it to fray.

Love it!!! Wish I had some youngins to put on it.... oh well off to Simply Vintage it goes!!!
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  1. How fun! I am still in the full on soccer Mom mode... this little stool would make me the envy of the field ( -:
    i'm your newest follower and would love for you to check out my blog + consider linking it up at a crafty soiree... the party i co-host thursdays at

  2. Seriously, I need that in a bad kind of way. My little ones are out of control. Nice job. Love your blog.

  3. Ah! I need one of those for my classroom asap!

    Very cute. :)

  4. Very clever, it is so cute, for a time out chair!

  5. Awww! I love it! Makes me want to sit a toddler down (thankfully don't have a toddler though).

  6. HA HA this is fantastic! Great job :)

  7. Thanks for sharing with us at A Crafty Soiree! I think most of us could use a time out chair! Ours is just a certain spot against the wall. Hope you'll join us at the lastest one, that begins tomorrow!