Monday, October 25, 2010

Makeovers and Flea Markets

Those of you that have been reading my blog know I love makeovers and flea markets.  I love to see how something that you buy that is outdated and really cheap can be transformed into something really special.  My weekends are crazy so I don't get to go to to many garage sales so most of my treasures are found out flea markets and thrift stores.

Here are some of my recent finds I found on a trip I took with my mom and sisters to Arkansas.  I love the doctor bag I found,  I have no clue what I'm going to do with it but it was really cheap and different so I snapped it up.  My eye always go to something that is crystal, silver or galvanized so these salt and pepper shakers are right up my alley.  This photo doesn't do them justice they are very big and heavy... love love.  I also found some damask pillow shams in cream and a blue maybe I'll use them in my room makeover.

Another good thing about flea markets and thrift stores is you find alot of outdated things for really cheap.  I love it when I find something for a dollar or so and turn it into something that looks like you have a lot of money in it.  Here are some of my uglies that I am getting ready to redo.

I use to have alot of birdhouses that looked like this and threw out now I'm buying them at thrift stores to makeover,  crazy....  I know she's not that pretty now but soon she will be.  I really don't like much about her now but I know she has potential.  She has great lines and a metal roof plus she was only two bucks!!!

 I'm always on the lookout for things for my bedroom makeover,  these lamps will be perfect I think.  I love the shape of them plus with a linen or burlap barrel shade.... Awwww   What color do you think I should paint them?  I'm wanting to go with white or cream not sure yet.  Got any ideas??

The best thing about these lamps were the price.  It was half price on all green tags  yippee!!!!!  So I got two lamps for four dollars!!!!  (Please ignore my reflection in the photo and yes I have my pjs on)


  1. You came up with some real good buys...looking forward to their new looks after the transformation.

  2. Okay- I think when I posted before I didn't wait for the secret word thingy to come up and I probably clicked out before that showed. If you did get my first post-just dump this one.

    What I said was that you really found some good "stuff". I love it when you can see something beyond what is there and transform it/repurpose it to something else.

    As far as the pjs..they are okay. What I thought was funny is that because of the shape of the lamp it distorted you and me (being the slightly crazy person that I am) thought immediately of the guy at the end of the movie BeetleJuice where he has this little head on his regular body....okay..sorry...I am slinking off now for making fun of my Okie friend;>) Hugs- Diana

  3. Great finds. I will wait eagerly to see what you do with that birdhouse and the lamps. I know whatever you come up with, it will be amazing.

  4. Hey don't apologize for pj's - they are wonderful. I craft in them all day :)
    I have those same salt and pepper shakers. I collect the crystal and all silver ones. I take all the tops off and put them away so as not to lose them then I fill them with flower buds throughout the house. They are the perfect size for individual flowers from the garden.