Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Birds Are Singing!!

Remember my beautiful birdhouse I showed you yesterday???  Not!!! It was ugly green and burgundy with a little metal flower on it.  I'm sure it was cute in it's day, but now not so sure.  Well yesterday I dug out my paint, glue gun, old jewelry and everything else but the kitchen sink to spiff this little gem up.

I painted her a soft grey then stamp french lettering on her in black.  I went over the whole piece with a glaze well actually two glazes (burnt umber,  black).

I just started gluing on all kinds vintage buttons, jewelry and lace.  I also made some flowers out of burlap and book pages.  This is the first time I've made flowers out of book pages and I love the way they turned out. 


  TA DA!!!  Isn't she gorgeous??  She's soft and sweet,  yes she is over accessorized I think if I were a bird I would love to live in this blinged out home!!!


  1. I love the way it turned out!! It is gorgeous.


  2. VERY VERY cute! You did a great job. Any bird would be proud to call this place home!>) Hugs- Diana

  3. Love the bling and the color is great! Darling!

  4. Looks wonderful. The after is a great after!

  5. She IS gorgeous! Love all of the bling! Doesn't even look like the same piece. Isn't it fun to take something that you already have and make it look like new? Then I don't feel so bad the next time I find some new goodie that I want to buy! HA!

  6. What a fabulous birdhouse! It is darling.


  7. OMG I have that same ugly birdhouse. My parents brought it back from Florida for me - why? I have no idea - they know it is way at the top of the tacky meter for me. I will have to dig it out of the basement and do a re-do. Thanks for inspiring me.
    thanks for also visiting me on my blog - I truly appreciate it and you have a new follower now.
    Question- did you make all those lovely pillows on your header?
    Well off to read more of your blog and see if you have transformed anything else I have hiding in the basement. :)