Monday, November 8, 2010

Copy Cat!!

Yes I admit it I'm a copy cat!!!  I just can't help myself, alot of you have been making those really cool sheet music wreaths so of course I had to make me one.  I have seen so many awesome ones out there. My favorite is Miss Mustard Seed,  I just love everything she does everything she makes looks aged and so soft,  her creations just speak to me!!

In the past I saw sheet music everywhere but lately it's been hard to find. Maybe a few crafters out there are scoopin it up.  Well I finally found some the other day so my cone makin started that night.

I just wrapped a dollar store wreath with left over ribbon.  I also attached a little loop on the back for hanging.

Then the fun begins gluing... gluing...and more gluing.  I just went around the wreath then went back and filled in the spots.  I wanted it to be full so I did a lot of gluing.

I likey.... but I wanted to add something to the middle to finish it off plus it helps clean it up a bit.

For my medallion I cut out a circle using a bowl and a cereal box.  I wanted it to have some fluff so I used adhesive sprayed on the cardboard added my batting then my bee motif on linen.  You know me I love burlap so I added a burlap ruffle.  Thanks to Restore Interiors she showed us the other day how to make an easy ruffle just by pulling one of the threads wow... thank you!!! Thank goodness I didn't have to dig out the ole sewing machine.  Then I hot glued the ruffle on the back of the cardboard.  (Please ignore my nails I have ink under them I promise it's not dirt.)

I'm sorry I love the bee... I know I know I put it on everything!!


  1. I love all the bees on everything! Can you tell me where you got that great bee stamp...I have been searching everywhere.

  2. You did a great job, the wreath is just beautiful. I've been wanting to make my own cone wreath but so far I've been a little intimidated! I might have to just buy one.


  3. I love your wreath! It looks fantastic.


  4. Ooh I love your wreath, and the bee :) I popped over from Melissa's blog, wanted to say hello. I'm having a giveaway too, I do hope you can drop by to enter.

  5. I've been wanting to make one of these wreaths after seeing Miss Mustard Seed's version. Yours turned out great and I love the bee in the center.


  6. I love it - yes it is copied - but you put your own personal touch with the center part.

  7. It is wonderful! I absolutely love it...and even copied each one is still an original...I love the medallion and bee on yours...THAT'S what makes it YOUR OWN! Great job! Hugs- Diana

  8. It is beautiful! I love the way you made this wreath totally your own. The bee and burlap in the middle are perfect. Thanks so much for the shout-out! :)

  9. Better late than never...especially when it is BEAUTIFUL!!

  10. LOVE IT!!! The BEE Is ADORABLE!!! Thanks so much for the link! I think it turned out terrific!!!

  11. Your wreath turned out great! I think these are so fun to make - I love your bee.