Monday, March 7, 2011

Shabby Union Jack Pillow

Have you loved all the Union Jack things that we've been seeing lately?  From Miss Mustard Seed's Union Jack dresser to all the lovely pillows and wall hangings I've had a hankering to make something with the logo on it.  If my boys were still young and at home I would be finding  a dresser and doing a redo like Miss Mustard Seed's.  I just think it would be so cute in a young boys room with plaid and denim bedding with wool army blankets at the foot of the bed.  EWWW LOVE IT!!!!!

With that said I went the shabby route instead.  I'm always looking at Rachel Ashwell's site dreaming of things that I would love to have.  I love everything about her style and the worn comfortable look of everything she does.  On her site I found the shabby chic version of Union Jack on a pillow.  It is gorgeous!!

Isn't it precious soo sweet !!

Here's my version done on drop cloth with left over scraps from other projects.  I think it's pretty cute if I do say so myself.  Next one I make I'm going to make it more like hers though more like a patch and I need to find some crown buttons or something to add that little flare.  Overall though I'm pretty happy about it.


  1. I love this,I'm making a version using drop cloth and ticking stripe. I love the florals and plaid pretty.

  2. That is darling! LOVE IT! You did a wonderful job with colors and putting it all together! xxoo Diana

  3. So cute! What a great idea! Your's turned at beautifully!

  4. I love it! I have one of those pillows, but I like the sage green in yours better. Pin an old brooch on yours and you'll be done!!! :D

  5. What a lovely idea! Your pillow is fantastic!

  6. That is absolutely adorable!!! Great job!

  7. I LOVE it!
    Wish I could sew too.
    Thanks so much for the source for your basket too.
    I appreciate it! My husband said you probably went to NEO for a year?
    Small world.Have driven by there a hundred times.