Monday, February 28, 2011

Wedding At The Mansion

The Beautiful Marland Mansion
Ponca City, Oklahoma
Sarah & Brian Kline
February 26th, 2011

This past weekend I traveled down to Ponca City to help my childhood friend (Carol), daughter's wedding.  They picked the beautiful Marland Mansion.  It is one of my favorite venues to have events at.  It is gorgeous inside as well as out.  The mansion was built by twice self made oil baron E.W. Marland.  It and it's grounds are gorgeous it is the perfect place for weddings from the bronze statues, hand painted ceilings to tons and tons of art and antique furniture it makes the most picturesque wedding.

I love the hand painted ceilings with beautiful handcrafted chandeliers from Europe.  The art work is also so beautiful and the colors are so vivid.  And the frames are just as beautiful as the painting.  I LOVE!!

Gorgeous arched hallways with hand painted ceilings are abundant in the mansion.  Most of the windows and doors are arched and all have hand made rod iron adornments on them.  As you enter the mansion you are greeted by marble statues of Mr. and Mrs. Marland.

I can't say enough about this venue it is the perfect place for that special occasion.  As an event planner it makes my job easier because it doesn't take a ton of decor to make it beautiful.

Sarah chose creams, golds and eggplant as her main colors.  These colors fit in perfect for her venue ,very elegant.  I also added a few touches of silver  and a little green you know me I love silver and in a mansion... heck ya this Okie is using it.

Simple table arrangements with lights and water added to the whole feel.  And you know me whenever I can sneak a monogram and crystals in I do!!  I also love the green candelabra that I brought.  Everyone said it looked like Phantom of the Opera but when I dressed it up and lit it they loved it.  I also had a white branch arrangement but with all the planning I forgot to take a photo and it was my favorite.  Don't you just hate when that happens?  Maybe I can get one from the mother of the bride and show you all later.  The linens were done in ivory and gold which just made the eggplant color pop.

Don't you just love candy bars at weddings?  I know every one's doing them but I still love the look they add.  We do different kinds of bars for weddings from cookie,  coffee and even doughnut bars but the candy one is my favorite.  You can coordinate them in your colors but Sarah chose to do her favorite fun candy instead.  I also had Carol wrap up some candy bars in scrapbook paper and I made their monogram and stuck it on.  I also love things at the base of the bar.  When I do weddings I don't like everything perfect.  It looks better a little messy.

The gorgeous bride Sarah Kline.  Isn't her dress beautiful?  She was the topper on the decor.  She flowed in and out talking with her guest and making sure everyone knew that she appreciated them for being there.  Sweet girl.. I can remember when her mom and me use to dress her and my Em up for Easter when they were babies and take tons of photos.  Now they're both married and starting they're own little familes.  Makes me happy and sad. 

Tomorrow I'll show you more decor and the cake and food tables.


  1. What a great setting for a wedding. AND what a beautiful bride...she is sweet and lovely and her gown is beautiful in its simplicity. She shines and the dress is just the accompaniment.

    You did a wonderful job on the decorations..and I love the candy bar theme too. Hugs-Diana

  2. Wow! Who knew there was such an amazing treasure in Ponca City of all places. I will have to remember this amazing mansion. Love the Hubba Bubba! :)

  3. What a lovely venue for a wedding. The bride looks gorgeous, and the decorations are very nice! Excellent job!!! :D

  4. Looks like such a lovely wedding - all the the details are perfect!