Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pillows pillows and more pillows

Well it's rainy here in Oklahoma today so I will have to spend my day sewing pillows.  I sell some of my pillows and furniture at a sweet shop called Simply Vintage.  Weird thing is I met the owner thru of all things craigslist and what's even weirder is that she lives two houses behind me.  lol Small world ...anywhoo her shop sells used furniture and home decor.  She has the best taste and always has some of the prettiest things in there.  Recently I showed her my pillows and chairs that I make so now she sells them for me.  So I really need to get busy cause shes out yippeee!!!  I'm thinkin about doing a give away as soon as I get this blog goin good.. hope so!!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I love your pillows...what a coincidence with the shop & cjlose proximity of the owner. That's fntastic...I hope you sell lots and lots. As for the giveaway, I'd like to pre-enter, thanks. ;)


  2. Welcome to blogland! I love your chair makeover and pillows...beautiful.