Saturday, February 5, 2011

Copy Cat That's Me!!

After reading Miss Mustard Seed's blog the other day and noticed she was having a copy cat challenge I was like .."Miss Mustard Seed I'm always copying you". Ha   I love her and Funky Junks style they make it look so easy, when it truly is an art.  Here's some photos of things that I've made for the store with them being my inspiration.

My friend Anglea Rhoadman Photography took this photo.

Well that's just a little of my take on their style.  Hope you all enjoy looking at my creations as much as I enjoy making them.  And thank you Miss Mustard Seed and Funky Junk for the inspiration.
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  1. So good-and so like miss mustard seed-lol-nice-I'm a follower-Claire

  2. You did a great job...and although you may have "copied" a bit..your stuff has your own unique signature to it...and I like it a lot...good job- Hugs-Diana

  3. Looks great. I think many of us have copied or been inspired by both of those amazing women.

  4. Your chairs, and pillows are gorgeous!!I get so much inspiration from all the fabulous blogs!! That's why we do it.


  5. Cute as can be! And yes, I agree that your things do have a certain unique signature. Hard to say which is my favorite.....

  6. saw you over at allie millie designs, love your style! i'm from oklahoma as well! by the looks of it you have a store or a booth somewhere?

  7. Love your header name way to cute, Love all things you inspire over here as well.
    I am hooked on Burlap :)
    Linens, wood, iron, all things Brocante'

    I will return soon, taking some inspiration with me!

  8. You really do emulate her style well, your creations are every bit as gorgeous as MMS.
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. WOW, your pillows are amazing, and I love the paint and distressed technique on those white chairs. Your work is beautiful!